Choir of Students Delivers Heartfelt Goodbye Song for Pilot’s Final Flight

Choir of Students Delivers Heartfelt Goodbye Song for Pilot’s Final Flight




Captain Ronald Smith’s Unforgettable Farewell Flight

In 2017, Captain Ronald Smith bid farewell to his illustrious 32-year career as a pilot with United Airlines in what became a journey to remember for everyone involved. His last flight, a route from Chicago to Brussels, transformed from a regular voyage into a memorable celebration, thanks to a group of unexpected participants.

A Heartfelt Tribute from Young Voices

During this final flight, Captain Smith’s imminent retirement was discovered by a group of young choir members from the Lycée des Garçons d’Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg. These young travelers, learning about Captain Smith’s final voyage, decided to make this occasion extraordinary for him in a manner only they could.

A Serenade to Remember

Upon the flight’s arrival and after all passengers had disembarked, the captain exited the cockpit, only to be greeted by the young choir’s spontaneous performance. They performed an acapella version of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida,” filling the cabin with their melodious tribute. This performance was not only a surprise but a deeply moving gesture that resonated with everyone present, especially Captain Smith. The whole event was captured on video by Nicolas, a student and member of the choir, preserving this beautiful farewell.

This unique tribute on Captain Ronald Smith’s final flight exemplifies how acts of kindness and appreciation can leave a lasting impact. It’s a heartwarming story that shows the power of music and the spirit of gratitude, marking the end of a distinguished career in the most beautiful way possible.

To experience the emotional farewell and the choir’s touching tribute, watch the video below and join in celebrating Captain Ronald Smith’s remarkable career and his unforgettable final flight.


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