Teacher takes down U.S. flag in class, has kids pledge to pride flag instead.

Teacher takes down U.S. flag in class, has kids pledge to pride flag instead.




In a surprising turn of events at a California school, teacher Kristin Pitzen was removed from her position after a video surfaced showing her joking about removing the U.S. flag from her classroom because it made her “uncomfortable.”

Flag Fiasco Unfolds

Kristin Pitzen, a teacher in the Newport Mesa School District, shared a now-deleted TikTok video laughing about how she had taken down the American flag because it didn’t sit right with her. “I packed it away and now I can’t even remember where it is,” she chuckled in the video.

Mixed Signals in the Classroom

The video didn’t stop there. Pitzen explained her unique approach to the morning Pledge of Allegiance, saying, “Stand if you want, or don’t; say the words, or don’t.” It turns out, her classroom had no flag to salute, leading to a humorous exchange with a student. “We do have a flag in the class you can pledge to,” she joked, pointing to a pride flag.

Pushing Personal Beliefs?

The incident didn’t go unnoticed. Another video from Pitzen during Pride month showed her classroom decked out with various flags. “I pledge allegiance to the queers,” she declared, expressing her support for LGBTQ+ students.

Community and Parents React Strongly

The local community and school board were less than thrilled with Pitzen’s actions. Her videos quickly sparked a wave of criticism for disrespecting the American flag. In a symbolic response, parents filled the school lawn with flags. “We heard the school was short on flags, so we thought we’d help out,” one parent commented, emphasizing the importance of respecting the flag.

Online Outrage and Support

Online reactions were mixed, with some defending Pitzen’s freedom of expression and others condemning her for disrespecting a national symbol. One commenter reminded her of the flag’s significance, “It represents the freedom and happiness you enjoy today.”

What’s Next for the School?

Since the controversy in 2021, Pitzen has deleted her social media accounts and is no longer teaching. The school district is still deciding how to handle the situation, which has stirred a debate on freedom of expression, respect for national symbols, and the role of educators in fostering inclusivity.

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