Megan Fox Finally Speaks About Being Compared to Love Is Blind’s Chelsea and the Resulting Drama

Megan Fox Finally Speaks About Being Compared to Love Is Blind’s Chelsea and the Resulting Drama




Megan Fox Surprised by Look-Alike Controversy

Megan Fox was caught off guard when a discussion erupted about whether “Love Is Blind” star Chelsea Blackwell resembles her. Fox admitted she was unaware of who Blackwell was until the buzz reached her.

Flooded with Messages

“The number of texts I got about this was insane,” Fox shared with E! News at the Revolve Festival. Despite her limited TV watching habits, the story got her attention thanks to a barrage of messages and even face-to-face queries at high-profile events. “At Oscar parties, even celebrities were asking me if I watched ‘Love is Blind’—I haven’t, but I knew what they meant,” Fox explained.

The Origin of the Debate

The debate started when Blackwell, on a February episode of the Netflix show, claimed she looked like Fox, leading to mixed reactions online. Some found humor in the comparison while others mocked it. Despite the backlash, Blackwell expressed humility on Instagram and even apologized to Fox, although Fox did not confirm if she responded.

Fox Defends Blackwell

While Fox has not watched the controversial episode, she stood up for Blackwell. “Nobody deserves to be bullied,” she stated, emphasizing that the criticism was overly harsh. Fox recognized the possible resemblance herself, mentioning, “I saw her picture, and I can see why people say they look alike.”

Empathy and Support

Reflecting on her own experiences, Fox expressed empathy for Blackwell, hoping that the negativity had not dimmed her spirit. “I’ve been bullied for 20 years, and it took a toll on me. I hope she’s still shining,” Fox remarked, extending her best wishes.

Blackwell Keeps Her Humor

In response to the ongoing commentary, Blackwell showed her humorous side in a TikTok video, playfully urging those who think she looks like Fox to speak up. On E! News, she maintained a light-hearted attitude, saying, “It’s funny how upset people are. I’m just rolling with it.”

Words of Support from Brian Austin Green

A month prior to Fox’s comments, her ex-husband Brian Austin Green also chimed in, sympathizing with Blackwell on E! News. He suggested that casual comments about resemblance might feel flattering until shared publicly, where they open one up to judgment.

In this whirlwind of opinions and comments, both Fox and Green show a nuanced understanding of the pressures and challenges of public scrutiny, highlighting the fine line between public perception and personal impact.


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