Man arranges marriage with ragdoll – together raising a ‘family’

Man arranges marriage with ragdoll – together raising a ‘family’




Battling Loneliness in the Digital Age

In today’s world, where we’re always connected through smartphones and the internet, feelings of loneliness can still creep in. One young man has taken a unique approach to combat his solitude.

A Unique Love Story

Meet Cristian Montenegro from Colombia, a man who is stirring the internet with his unusual love story. Cristian shares his life on TikTok with his special someone, Natalia, and their children. But here’s the twist—Natalia is a ragdoll!

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Under the username @montbk5959, Cristian regularly posts about their life together. He celebrated their first anniversary on TikTok and has plans to marry Natalia soon. His posts initially sparked curiosity and a viral buzz, which faded but reignited with more surprising news.

A Growing Ragdoll Family

Cristian revealed that Natalia recently ‘gave birth’ to their third child, adding to their unconventional family. He posts videos that showcase typical family activities—like shopping trips, walks, and the kids doing homework or watching TV.

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One of his most talked-about videos features Natalia in a hospital gown, ‘giving birth’ with the help of another doll dressed as a doctor. Cristian, visibly moved, shared his emotions during what he presented as a significant family moment.

Overcoming Criticism with Love

Despite facing criticism and harsh comments, Cristian stands by his choices. He defends his lifestyle by saying, “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something.” His story highlights a unique way of finding companionship and joy.

They Have Kids!

Yes, you read that right. This incredible man has built a family with his doll, and they’re living their best life, sharing every moment of their journey, from everyday routines to major life events.

Cristian’s story is a testament to the diverse ways people cope with loneliness and seek happiness. Whether it’s met with surprise or skepticism, it’s a narrative about love in an unexpected form.

If you found this story intriguing, wait until you hear about another woman, her ragdoll husband, and their complex relationship. Stay tuned for more unique tales!


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