Benefits of a (fully) comprehensive car insurance

by Admin | July 2, 2021
Benefits of a (fully) comprehensive car insurance

The partial casco covers all damage to your own car that was not caused by your own actions. This includes damage caused by fire, explosion, storm, hail, flood, lightning or theft. It also covers glass breakage, damage caused by hairy deer, damage to the wiring due to burn-out or short-circuits and, as a rule, damage caused by martens. In addition, comprehensive insurance also covers claims that you have caused yourself, with one exception: if it can accuse you of gross negligence, it will not pay. However, it will pay in the event of a hit-and-run by a third party, if there is a lack of liability on the part of the party causing the damage, if the other party to the accident has become insolvent and in the event of wilful damage caused by unknown third parties.


Coverage amounts of the (comprehensive) hull insurance

For comprehensive insurance, the amount of coverage depends on the residual value of the vehicle: for new cars, insurers cover the list price for the new vehicle if the damaged car is not older than two years. If it has already exceeded this limit, the insurance company will only reimburse the replacement value of an equivalent vehicle in the event of a claim.

Two insurances, one premium

For both types of insurance, the amount of the premiums depends on criteria such as the type of vehicle, the age and place of residence of the owner and his or her no-claims class. As a guide, a single liability insurance policy for a 35-year-old man who wants to insure a mid-range car costs around 50 euros per month. In combination with partial casco and a deductible of 150 euros, the cost is around 60 euros, and for third-party liability with full casco and a 300-euro deductible, it's about 90 euros a month.

Lowering car insurance premiums

There are a number of factors that can reduce the premium for car insurance. For example, you can…

choose a higher deductible: In the event of a claim, you will then have to pay more yourself once, but otherwise enjoy lower monthly rates.

influence the no-claims class (SF class) yourself through your driving style: The longer the vehicle owner drives accident-free, the better the classification and the lower the insurance premium.

insure yourself as a novice driver through your parents: In this way, novice drivers can obtain a better SF class right from the start.

Benefit as a low user: The less the car is moved, the lower the accident risk, the lower the premium.

save through the workshop commitment: Those who bind themselves to a specific workshop through the insurance in the event of a claim also pay lower monthly premiums.

Advantages and disadvantages of workshop commitment

By binding the vehicle to a workshop, the vehicle owner commits to having the car repaired exclusively by a partner workshop of the insurance company in the event of damage. This special agreement also has a high savings potential, but it can have disadvantages. If the insured lives in the countryside, but the partner workshop is located in the next largest city, it is very inconvenient for him to make the trip. For new cars, a workshop commitment is out of the question, as it jeopardizes the new car warranty. This is because the warranty is voided if the owner of the car goes to the insurance company's partner workshop in the event of damage instead of having the car repaired by the authorized dealer from whom the car was purchased.


Finding the right car insurance at full speed

Which benefits are particularly important to you? What type of insurance is suitable for your car? Which clauses are relevant, and which can you do without? Does a workshop commitment make sense for you or hinder you? How can you influence your no-claims class and thus lower your premium? Our insurance specialists will take a close look at the situation for you. They know the diversity of the large car insurance market and have both the necessary know-how and the technical tools to filter out all the suitable offers for you. Don't search long, find the right car insurance quickly.

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