Botox LIP FLIP is the new beauty trend for fuller lips

by Admin | September 7, 2021
Botox LIP FLIP is the new beauty trend for fuller lips

Perfectly shaped, plump lips are an ideal of beauty that still exists today. Unfortunately, only very few people are naturally blessed with such a beautiful and full kissing mouth - which is why the business with lip fillers and plumping beauty products is booming. It is hoped that such treatments will produce the most natural results possible - after all, no one wants to walk around with gigantic inflatable lips these days. That's exactly what the new Lip Flip technique is now designed to do effectively.



The Lip Flip is similar to the well-known Lip Filler: In both minimally invasive treatments, the lips are lightly injected. However, the newer technique does not use hyaluronic acid or autologous fat, but Botox. For those who have a question mark on their face at this point and think of the Botox nickname "nerve poison": correct, Botox does not create new volume per se. However, the active ingredient is also not injected into the lips themselves, as is the case with other filler substances, but only directly above the upper lip edge. The muscle-relaxing effect of Botox causes the upper lip to turn over minimally - or flip up. Hence the name: Lip Flip.

As a minimally invasive treatment, the Botox Lip Flip is supposed to provide a natural-looking result


Thanks to the Lip Flip treatment, the lips automatically appear larger and crisply plump, but in a very natural way - after all, the lip surface itself is not artificially plumped up, but only the central area above the lip contour. The latter has another advantage: the residual risk with conventional lip filler treatments that the lips look too thick and artificial is eliminated with the newer technique. As with the filler substance hyaluronic acid, however, Botox also degrades over time. This means that in order for the lips to appear permanently plump and beautifully shaped, you have to go under the needle again after about three to eight months.


The desire for fuller lips usually leads to an injection of autologous fat or hyaluronic acid. Such a result quickly looks "sprayed on" - many women want to avoid precisely this, but still show a little more lip red.

Sensual lips can also be achieved with a minimal injection of Botox. How does this work? Quite simply by means of Lip Flip: a circular muscle runs around the mouth. You can activate it by making a kissing mouth or saying the letter "O". From the front, the muscle looks like a donut that runs once in a circle. The innermost fibers of this muscle pull the red of the lip downward and inward, narrowing the upper and lower lip.

With a targeted, very low-dose injection of Botox, this part of the muscle can be slowed down and the red of the lips relaxes. This treatment is called lip flip. As a result, the relaxation of the muscle allows a little more of the lip red to appear without adding volume to the lip.

Hyaluronic acid in reasonable quantities is an optimal supplement in this case, if the result of the Lip Flip alone is not sufficient. The desire for a hyaluronic acid treatment of the lip can also be very well supplemented by a Lip Flip.

Lip augmentation 2.0

The USA is once again the source of a new trend, because the Lip Flip originates from there. The Praxisklinik am Rosengarten with locations in Cologne, Düsseldorf (Hilden) and Hamburg has taken up this trend directly and has been offering this treatment very successfully for months. Our patients are thrilled with the results of the Lip Flip.


Costs of a Botox Lip Flip treatment

If Lip Flip is performed alone, the costs are manageable: between 250 and 300.- are sufficient to obtain a result that promises full lips for several months. A combination with hyaluronic acid hits the wallet much more with about 650.- Euro, but can be the optimal solution for women and men with thin upper lips or even lower lips.

If you are interested in a lip flip, please contact us! The team of the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten will give you an appointment for consultation or treatment - we will be happy to support you in your desire for a full lip.

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