Car Loan: Quickly get the vehicle you want thanks to financial support

by Admin | July 1, 2021
Car Loan: Quickly get the vehicle you want thanks to financial support

With a car loan, you can finance your new vehicle quickly and easily. The money is available to you immediately. So you can benefit from a cash discount when buying a car.

Your advantages with a car loan:

  • Once approved, the loan is available to you.
  • More planning security due to fixed monthly installments and term
  • Constant interest rate over the entire term of the loan
  • Cash payment increases the chance of discounts at the car dealer
  • Unscheduled repayments possible
  • Transparent and fair terms and conditions, in line with our cooperative values

Vehicle financing with a car loan

With a car loan from your Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, you can finance your dream car - simply and easily. In our detailed consultation, we agree with you on a fixed term and a monthly installment, tailored to your needs and financial possibilities. This way, you can repay the outstanding loan amount as needed. You can make unscheduled repayments at any time. If you wish, you can combine your car loan as well as an installment loan with residual debt insurance. This protects you against the financial consequences of unemployment or occupational disability, for example.

How to apply for a car loan

For the consultation at your local bank, you will need proof of identity and your current proof of income. As a borrower, you should be of full age and legal capacity and be able to prove a permanent residence in Germany. In addition, a sufficient and regular income from non-self-employed work is necessary. If there are no negative SCHUFA entries, you already meet the basic requirements for the granting of a car loan. If you have any questions, an advisor at your Volksbank Raiffeisenbank will be happy to help.

Repaying an existing loan

You still have to make a high final installment on a current car loan, but you no longer have any capital available? Simply pay off your final installment with a car loan from the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. You can also replace your existing car financing with a car loan. Your local advisor will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the details.

Find out about car loan benefits and interest rates now.

Find the right loan that fits your needs and budget. So you can afford your dream car.


Questions and answers about the car loan

What information does the bank receive about me at SCHUFA?

Inquiring companies receive information from SCHUFA only if they have a legitimate interest in data that is relevant to the underlying transaction. This information includes both positive and negative entries. Your complete personal data will only be handed over to you.

What is residual debt insurance?

Residual debt insurance serves to provide financial security for the borrower and his or her dependents in the event of death, illness, incapacity for work or unemployment. The insurance takes effect in the event of the borrower's inability to pay through no fault of his own. It pays off the outstanding installments.

Where can I find current loan conditions?

You can find specific offers, conditions and information at one of our more than 8,500 branches or on the website of your local Volksbank Raiffeisenbank. Simply enter your zip code or a city in the branch search and all information about your Volksbank Raiffeisenbank will be displayed to you

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