Credit card comparison - find the best credit card at the click of a mouse

by Admin | April 15, 2021
Credit card comparison - find the best credit card at the click of a mouse

They are frequently used in the United States and they are a "must have" when traveling abroad or shopping online: credit cards. You can't rent a car without a credit card, and many hotels abroad require them as collateral.

Credit cards are often available as an additional package to the current account, but this is not always the best solution. This free comparison would like to support you in your search for the right credit card and help you find your way through the jungle of different variants and conditions. Start your personal query by clicking on "Start comparison".


Make a comparison and apply for a credit card

There is no such thing as the best credit card across the board; it always depends on what the credit card is mainly to be used for. Basically, the following credit card types are distinguished:

  • The prepaid card: this card is initially loaded with a credit balance. If this amount is used up, it is no longer possible to pay with the card until the credit has been renewed. Ideal for young people traveling abroad.
  • The charge card: The cardholder receives a payment deferral for his or her expenses. The debit of the sales from the card account from the current account takes place monthly. The most commonly used type of card in the Unites States.
  • Debit card: The transactions made with the debit card are debited from the checking account within 24 hours.
  • Revolving credit card: A "real" credit card that grants the holder a credit line for monthly transactions. The credit amount can be repaid either all at once or in installments. Mostly used in the USA.

Credit cardIn addition, the providers provide their credit cards with small but for the decision quite important fee rules and additional features.

  • Credit card with or without annual fee
  • Credit card with cashback or other bonus programs?
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide?
  • Included travel health insurance
  • Included travel cancellation insurance
  • Miles and More bonus programs
    With so many variations, it makes sense to actively seek information before applying for a credit card online. The credit card comparison on STERN.de offers detailed information and the opportunity to apply directly for the credit card that was most convincing in the comparison. The credit card test also offers in-depth knowledge about credit cards.

Credit card comparison - which providers are there?

Credit card comparisonWhen comparing credit cards, you should first consider which credit card company it should be. Although there are several more providers worldwide that have credit cards in their portfolio, in Europe there are mainly three names that have established themselves on the market:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

American Express

While American Express is more of a niche player in this country, you can now make convenient, cashless payments almost anywhere with Visa or Mastercard. In the Unites States alone, there are more than 490,000 Visa Card acceptance points. With the Mastercard it is nevertheless also approximately 400,000. The tendency is in each case further rising. Of course, not all Visa credit cards are the same, and not all Mastercards are the same. Depending on which bank and which individual credit card offer you choose, the conditions can be very different. A credit card comparison therefore makes sense in any case.

In the following paragraphs, we go into detail about each of the credit card issuers and present their fees, interest rates and advantages.

The Visa credit card

Visa is one of the largest credit card systems in the world. According to its own data, Visa credit cards have over 45 million points of acceptance worldwide. The global company is a card company that issues its cards through so-called partner banks. This means that cardholders do not receive their credit card from Visa itself, but from an external bank such as the savings banks.

Visa credit cards are available in different versions. The products differ on the one hand in the type of billing - credit, charge. Prepaid or Debit - and on the other hand in the included services. The cards are categorized according to the quality of the product. The Visa Gold card, for example, includes a higher credit limit than the classic version, while the Platinum card is specially designed to meet the needs of frequent travelers.

The Mastercard

Along with Visa, Mastercard is one of the largest international companies for payment cards. The company enjoys a similarly high level of acceptance in the Unites States as Visa and also offers credit cards only through licensed banks. This means that Mastercard itself is not the card-issuing institution. This task is performed by partner banks such as the Bank of America, which also determine the specific services and the credit limit for the cardholder.

Mastercard offers various credit card models for different needs and requirements. These include prepaid cards and current cards, so-called debit cards, without a credit limit. These are suitable for young people, students and other people with a comparatively low credit rating.

The American Express credit card

Unlike Visa and Mastercard, American Express, or Amex for short, does not work with partner banks, but issues credit cards exclusively itself. For this reason, the range of Amex cards is limited compared to Visa and Mastercard. In professional circles, the Amex card was long considered a status symbol for business people and the wealthy and could only be taken out by this small target group for a high fee. Accordingly, acceptance in many areas of everyday life, such as retail, was and still is low.

This changed with the introduction of the Payback Amex credit card. Since then, almost all Payback partners accept American Express credit cards. After the company lowered its merchant fees, it gained many new customers in the Unites States and other parts of Europe. According to its own statement, American Express has several hundred thousand points of acceptance throughout the Unites States.

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