Is a free credit card always completely free?

by Admin | April 15, 2021
Is a free credit card always completely free?

When we talk about a free credit card, you as a consumer will first assume that there really are no costs whatsoever. But is this really the case in reality? If you take a closer look at our FinanceFuel credit card comparison, you will quickly discover that there are sometimes one or two "hidden" fees. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at the details under the item "Fee overview" in the table of search results in each case. Here you can find out whether there are actually no annual fees for the main card or any partner cards. Pay attention to the following points:


  • Is the main card free not only in the 1st year, but also in subsequent years?
  • Are there annual fees for an optional partner card?
  • How high is the APR?
  • Is there a credit interest rate, and if so, what is it?
  • How much does it cost to apply for a replacement card?

These are all points that can make a noticeable difference in the bottom line, depending on whether there are any extra costs and what the interest rate is. Of course, it also depends on your individual situation whether, for example, a partner card is needed at all.

Paying and withdrawing cash with a free credit card

Paying with the free credit card in the storeImportant when deciding on a credit card is also the question of whether with this any costs for cash withdrawals or also for the card payment. Even a free credit card, which is otherwise completely free of charge, can still be associated with additional costs in this respect. So if you like to travel, for example, you should pay particular attention to the information in the "Payment and cash" tab in our overview of search results. Here you will find answers to topics such as:

  • Is card payment free of charge within the US?
  • Is card payment within the euro zone free of charge?
  • What about card payments in foreign currencies worldwide?
  • Is domestic cash withdrawal free of charge?
  • Is cash withdrawal within the euro zone free of charge?
  • Are there any fees when withdrawing foreign currencies worldwide?

The conditions in this area vary considerably from credit card to credit card. You should therefore carefully check which free credit card really offers the best all-round package for your personal needs.

Benefit from additional advantages

Just because a credit card is free doesn't mean you have to miss out on additional benefits. But what exactly are we talking about here? As a rule, a distinction is made here between three different bonus variants that can be included as additional benefits in the credit card package. These include:

  • Cashback, for example when purchasing certain brands
  • Bonus systems, such as collecting payback points
  • Special discounts

Which type of additional services is most interesting to you, or whether you would take advantage of such at all, is something you should consider at your leisure before applying for your free credit card. Maybe other aspects than the ones mentioned here are more important to you?

Get VISA and MasterCard for free

The argument that a credit card is too expensive no longer counts in this day and age. Anyone with a positive credit rating can easily find a free credit card with which money can be conveniently withdrawn and cashless payments can be made. Whether you want to apply for a MasterCard free of charge or whether you prefer a VISA card free of charge, this decision is entirely up to you. You also have a virtually free choice of credit institutions. For example, free MasterCard and VISA cards are offered by the following banks:

  • Barclaycard
  • Bank of America
  • Deutsche Bank

Of course, this is only a small selection of credit institutions that have such offers in their portfolio. It is best to take a look at the current search results in the FinanceFuel credit card comparison, as changes can always occur with regard to the conditions. After all, you really want to apply for the best credit card for your needs.

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