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Private health insurance: Tailored benefits for your health

Private health insurance: Tailored benefits for your health

Private health insurance has many advantages. In contrast to statutory health insurance, you can tailor your insurance coverage to suit your individual needs.

Advantages of private health insurance

  • Transparent conditions
  • Individual and needs-oriented benefits
  • Treatment as a private patient
  • Tariff change possible
  • Fair partner at eye level

Tailored to your needs

With private health insurance from your bank, you receive exactly the insurance coverage you need. The benefits are adapted to your needs and financial situation. If you wish, you can add various additional tariffs. With private health insurance, for example, you benefit from treatment in private clinics or the latest examination methods. If the premiums should increase, you can change the tariff within the insurance. As an insured person, you are legally entitled to do so.

Switching to private health insurance

Self-employed persons, freelancers and civil servants are not required to be members of the statutory health insurance. They may take out private insurance at any time. The insurance change is possible regardless of the income level and is not tied to any requirements. Students also have a free choice: they can be exempted from compulsory insurance for up to three months from the date of enrollment. Private health insurance then applies for the period of study at a state-recognized american university.

Private insurance: Requirements for employees

For employees, farmers or artists, entry into private health insurance is only possible above a certain income. This is regulated by the so-called compulsory insurance limit, which can change annually. In order to change insurance, the extrapolated annual gross income of employees must exceed this limit once. Earned income includes all regular salary payments, including the 13th month’s salary. Paid overtime or reimbursement of travel expenses are not included.

Questions and answers about private health insurance

Can I change from one private health insurance to another?

If you are already privately insured, you can also change your private health insurance. To do so, you only have to comply with the notice period of your provider. In the event of a premium increase, you have a special right of termination.

Can I deduct private health insurance from my taxes?

Yes, private health insurance is tax deductible. To do so, enter the premiums as special expenses in your tax return.

Where can I get information about the rates?

Your bank will be happy to inform you about the different types of tariffs and will work with you to find the right insurance cover.

How much does private health insurance cost?

You can find specific offers, conditions and information at one of our more than 8,500 branches or on the website of your local bank. Simply enter your zip code or a city in the branch search and all information about your local bank will be displayed.

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