Quick and easy steps to open a new bank account

by Admin | July 1, 2021
Quick and easy steps to open a new bank account

Open an account

Opening an account doesn't have to mean a lot of paperwork. Your Bank of America makes it as easy as possible for you to open an account or move.

Your advantages when opening an account

  • Your bank takes care of the formalities
  • Set-up of your standing orders and direct debits by your local Bank of America branch
  • Account opening also possible online
  • Trustworthy advice
  • Service network with over 8,500 branches and around 17,300 ATMs
  • Account management at a bank that is committed to cooperative values

Open an account fast and easy

Whether it's salary receipts, transfers, or direct debits: an account is the basis for your payment transactions. You can open an account quickly and easily at your local Bank of America. An employee at your bank branch will be happy to assist you and fill out the application form together with you. All you need to open an account is your ID card and tax identification number.

Open an account online

You can also conveniently prepare to open an account via the website of your local Bank of America branch. You fill out the opening application online and use the Post-Ident procedure to establish your identity. Alternatively, you can also fill out a corresponding form online.

Access to online banking

Would you like to do your banking online? If you wish, you can receive access to online banking directly when you open your account. This gives you the flexibility to manage your finances independently of your bank's opening hours - conveniently from home or on the road.


US-wide branch and ATM network

When you open an account, you benefit from the Bank of America extensive branch and ATM network. With over 8,500 branches, you will always find a bank near you. You can also withdraw cash from around 17,300 ATMs throughout the USA.

Questions and answers about opening an account

Is there a free checking account or how high are the account maintenance fees for a checking account?

You can find specific offers, conditions and information at one of our more than 8,500 branches or on the website of your local Bank of America branch. Simply enter your zip code or a city in the branch search and all information about your local Volksbank Raiffeisenbank will be displayed.

Do I have to close my old account when I switch accounts?

If you want to change your account, your local Bank of America branch will support you. An employee at your bank branch will handle the communication with your previous account-holding bank.

At what age can I open an account for my child?

An employee of your Bank of America will advise you on the best time to open an account for your child. He or she will be happy to answer any questions you may have about a savings account for your child or a youth checking account that grows with your child.

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