Saving for my vacation

by Admin | July 1, 2021
Saving for my vacation

Turn your vacation dream into a dream vacation. Your bank will help you build up the necessary capital step by step, according to your financial possibilities.

Small steps to your dream vacation

With various investment products, you can save capital even with small amounts. Together with you, your local bank will find an investment that suits your needs and fits your financial possibilities.


Saving money even on vacation

A nice vacation does not necessarily have to be expensive. With some useful tips, you can save money on vacation and still have a lot of fun. For example, you can opt for a rental bike instead of a rental car. This will keep you fit and you can enjoy the fresh air at the same time. Also, take advantage of free museum admissions. In many cities around the world, you enjoy free admission to many museums on certain days or times.

Tips: How to make your vacation a little more affordable

  • A picnic on the beach or a meadow in the open air is cheaper and maybe even nicer than an expensive restaurant visit.
  • Check the validity of your travel documents in good time, because a fee is often charged for documents issued provisionally as a substitute.
  • In the meantime, free travel guides can be downloaded from the Internet. This not only saves money, but also space in your suitcase.

Finance my vacation

Depending on the destination, a vacation can also be more expensive. Those who go with the whole family often have higher costs. Your bank will help you finance your vacation so you don't have to miss out on the best time of the year.

Start your vacation relaxed

Even if you are financially strapped, you don't have to miss out on the relaxation and fun that a vacation offers. With a simple installment loan, we can help you afford your dream vacation without any complications. In a personal conversation, we will develop a solution that fits your financial situation and your ideas.

How you can save

In order to keep the cost of a loan as low as possible, you can also finance only part of your vacation with a loan and save the other part. This reduces the monthly installment and you can still take a little pocket money to the vacation.


Be properly insured on vacation

Even on vacation, you are not protected from illness. In an emergency, travel health insurance covers the costs of treatment and is a useful additional protection. It is also important to take preventive measures, such as vaccinations.

Safe on vacation

If you are going on vacation, you should take out adequate insurance, for example, travel health insurance. Without additional insurance cover, treatment costs abroad can be very expensive. As a rule, the statutory health insurance only reimburses a portion that is based on the american rates and only in countries with which there is a social security agreement.

Vaccination protection in tropical countries

Vaccinations are a good protection against infections. They can prevent diseases before they occur. For this reason, vacationers traveling to areas with an increased risk of infection from certain diseases should get vaccinated. For all vacation countries, the Foreign Office provides information on the currently valid vaccination recommendations.


Checklist: My vacation

Vacation is the best time of the year. So that there is no rude awakening, we have put together a checklist for you to prepare.

  • The checklist for a relaxed vacation
  • Check the validity of your identity card or passport.
  • Find out about entry requirements
  • Take a manageable amount of cash with you in local currency
  • Take secure means of payment such as debit card or credit card with you
  • Save blocking numbers for debit or credit cards in your cell phone
  • Adjust cell phone tariff for abroad
  • Pack booking confirmations and hotel vouchers
  • Take out travel health insurance
  • Make sure you have adequate vaccinations before you travel
  • Think about bills that may become due during your vacation
  • Inform yourself before your vacation

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to inform yourself sufficiently about your destination before you go on vacation. Whether it is the rules of the road, cultural customs or places and cities worth seeing. Also check your finances, travel documents and deposits in good time.

Travel documents

Depending on the vacation country, there may be different entry requirements. Information on this can be obtained from the american Foreign Office.

Travel funds

Your vacation checklist should always include the question of the right composition of your travel funds. You should only take as much cash as you need. More helpful and safer are credit cards, with which you can pay cashless, but also get cash.


Illnesses and accidents abroad are unpleasant. Protect yourself from the financial consequences with an inexpensive foreign travel health insurance. If illness strikes you before your vacation, travel cancellation insurance is also very helpful. You can protect your luggage quickly and easily with luggage insurance.

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