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Term life insurance: Financial protection for your family

Term life insurance:  Financial protection for your family

When a salary is lost in the event of death, it’s hard to support a family or service a home loan. With term life insurance, you give your family security. By paying out the agreed sum insured, the gap in provision is closed.

Your advantages with term life insurance

  • Your family is financially protected in the event of an emergency.
  • The insurance coverage starts with the first premium.
  • You can determine the sum insured individually.
  • The insurance coverage can be supplemented by additional benefits such as occupational disability or accident insurance.
  • Many insurance companies offer you transparent benefits in line with our cooperative values, such as fairness and transparency.

Comprehensive protection for little money

Individual coverage according to your wishes: You determine the amount of the sum insured. You can achieve comprehensive protection even with low premiums. You also decide whether the payout sum remains the same or falls over time. In the event of death, your family receives the agreed sum from the first premium paid. This way, your loved ones are financially protected from the very beginning. If you wish, term life insurance can also cover loans.

Supplementary insurance cover

Do you want to cover yourself for all eventualities? With term life insurance from your bank, you have the option of supplementing your protection. Create additional financial security with supplementary occupational disability or accident insurance. Your insurance company will provide you with honest and transparent advice. So that you get the insurance coverage that fits your needs.


Questions and answers about term life insurance

For whom is term life insurance particularly suitable?

Term life insurance is recommended for families with children, but also for couples with a real estate loan. If an income is lost in the event of death, the surviving dependents are no longer adequately provided for financially. With term life insurance, you can provide financial security for your dependents.

How much does term life insurance cost?

You can find specific offers, conditions and information at one of our more than 8,500 branches or on the website of your local bank. Simply enter your zip code or a city in the branch search and all information about your local bank will be displayed.

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