The legal protection insurance - So that you are right!

Whether due to a case of fraud while shopping online, stress with the landlord, a dispute with the employer or after a traffic accident - a legal dispute often comes unexpectedly and can quickly cause high costs. With legal protection insurance, you are well covered in the event of legal proceedings. Our experts therefore recommend this insurance to all road users as well as employees and tenants.


What should you look out for?

With a legal protection insurance, various risks can be covered. Similar to other insurance lines, there are a variety of rates for legal protection insurance with different scopes of benefits for both singles and families. Depending on the one, disputes in traffic, profession or with landlords or tenants can be covered, although it must be noted that the dispute must not be older than the insurance policy.

The rates for legal protection insurance vary depending on the individual scope of services and insurance companies. For about 15 Dollars per month, a good basic protection for singles in the private sphere, profession and traffic is already guaranteed. Family rates, on the other hand, are somewhat more expensive at around 20 Dollars per month. Those who want additional coverage as landlords will find rates starting at 25 Dollars a month. Those who pay the bill annually save even more.

Which insurance should I choose?

Before taking out legal protection insurance, the contract must be examined very carefully, as the “all-round carefree” offers of the insurers often have large gaps, especially in this area. For example, legal protection for tenants or owners usually has to be purchased separately, and family members are not automatically covered. Also make sure that the insurance covers costs at an early stage of the legal dispute, not just when the dispute ends up in court. In addition, mediation or legal advice by telephone is often advertised, but this is mainly used to keep the customer from making an expensive visit to the lawyer’s office for as long as possible.

A deductible in the event of a claim of around 150-200 Dollars is an advantage here, by the way, as this often makes the policy cheaper by more than 100 Dollars a year.


Which insurance should I choose?

Would you like more detailed information about the benefits and special features of legal protection insurance? We offer a comprehensive glossary that explains the most important terms in legal protection. In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions in this area in our FAQs.

Damage example 1:

Another road user hits your car in traffic. In addition to compensation for the property damage in the amount of $11,000, you demand compensation for pain and suffering of $1,000. In court, however, you can only partially enforce your claims and have to pay for the court costs as well as your own and partly the opponent’s attorney’s fees.


approx. $4,400

The legal protection insurance covers the court and lawyer’s fees incurred.


Damage example 2:

After many years of employment with the company, you are suddenly terminated without notice. According to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement, you are forced to sue for your salary every month. Over the course of six months, the amount in dispute rises to $20,000. You have to pay the lawyer’s fees out of your own pocket.


approx. $3,500

In the case of labor law disputes, the legal protection insurance covers your legal fees.

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