Travel Health Insurance: Protection on vacation - for you and your family

Travel Health Insurance: Protection on vacation - for you and your family

Travel with peace of mind and enjoy your time away: Protect yourself and your family from the consequences of illness on vacation with travel health insurance. In many cases, it covers the costs of medically necessary treatment that is not covered by your statutory health insurance.

Your advantages with a travel health insurance

  • Best possible coverage against illnesses and accidents while traveling - for individuals or families
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • Return transport to the USA in case of medical necessity
  • 24-hour emergency call service
  • Fair cooperative partner

Make provisions for your next vacation

If you fall ill abroad, statutory or private health insurance often only covers part of the costs incurred, for example for doctor’s visits or hospital stays. Therefore, take precautions - regardless of how long or how far your trip goes. With a travel health insurance abroad you close numerous gaps in your insurance coverage and can go on vacation with a good feeling.

Comprehensive insurance cover abroad

With international travel health insurance, you and your family are well covered when traveling. This is because the insurance covers the costs of medical treatment that becomes medically necessary due to illness or accident. If necessary, it also covers return transport to the US. The insurance cover applies for the first 45 days of each trip - regardless of how many you take in a year. A 24-hour emergency call service is also available.


Insurance coverage for individuals and families

Whether it’s a solo short trip abroad or a vacation with your loved ones, travel health insurance abroad adapts to your needs. You can take out insurance cover for both individuals and families. Ask your local bank for detailed advice.

Means of payment on vacation

Especially on vacation, the question of practical and secure means of payment arises.

Use the various options, preferably with a mix of several alternatives.

Cash on vacation

A large wallet is not only unwieldy, it also attracts the attention of thieves. Even if the money is lost, it can hardly be recovered. Travel insurances usually do not cover the loss. For these reasons, cash should not be the only means of payment, especially during longer stays abroad. However, it is advisable to always have a small amount of local currency in your wallet to pay for coffee or an ice cream.


Debit card

Within America there are about five million, worldwide about ten million acceptance points where you can conveniently pay with your debit card. However, there may be charges for ATM withdrawals, even within the EU. Before you go on vacation, ask your bank about conditions and cooperation partners abroad. Acceptance of the debit card is relatively low in the USA, for example.

Credit card

A credit card is a practical companion on vacation. It can be used worldwide for cashless payments. In case of loss, the credit card can be blocked quickly. Due to its worldwide acceptance and the security of payment, a credit card is recommended for every vacationer.

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