When are paid credit cards the better choice?

by Admin | April 15, 2021
When are paid credit cards the better choice?

Especially for beginners and occasional users, the free credit card is without a doubt the best choice. However, if you use the card very frequently, it may make sense to consider paid alternatives. After all, for business users in particular, it is not uncommon for these to actually pay off on the bottom line. Such a scenario can occur, for example, if:

  • …a frequent flyer program is used
  • …flights or hotels are frequently booked using the credit card
  • …a foreign health insurance is required, which is included in many credit card packages for which a fee is charged.
    Legal protection and other insurance services are also sometimes part of a chargeable credit card. So you can kill two birds with one stone. In such a case, however, remember to cancel your other insurance in good time. Another point that speaks for a credit card with fees from a certain annual turnover is the fact that then with some cards even the annual fee can be waived.

Most credit card tests do not deal with free credit cards in detail. However, there is a general credit card test of the consumer organization. In this, the foundation regularly takes a close look at credit cards of all kinds. Since the last update in February 2021, there are 34 credit cards in the test database, as you can see for yourself here.

Can the credit line be increased later?

Once you have received your free credit card and used it for a few months, you can of course increase your credit limit. If your payment history has been impeccable so far and the amounts due have always been debited from your checking account on time, then there should generally be no reason not to increase your credit line. However, it is best to start such a request only after about three to six months. This will considerably increase your chances of getting a positive decision. You can make the request in writing or simply call the bank and speak to your advisor.


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